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The Amalthea duo is made up of the pianist Sofía Merchán and the singer Laura Lavilla .

We pay tribute to the nymph in Greek mythology who hid Zeus from her father Cronos so that he would not be eaten. Also famous for having the horn of plenty, she is turned into a star in our firmament.

Bright, brave and inspiring are the women who make up Amalthea, as are our careers and performances.

We are a formation born from the passion for concert song. We both had separate trajectories in the solo repertoire in the world of Opera and Zarzuela on the one hand and in the piano repertoire on the other, but we both need that intimate work of small stories that explores the world of the song-concert.

The current times of restriction, illness, death and loss of freedom increase love and union in this duo who see in these circumstances a redoubled strength.

We have performed in different halls of the Spanish geography such as Ronda space, menagerie, America house in Madrid, Ateneo and Pio V Museum in Valencia, Sástago Palace in Zaragoza.

Our projects cover all languages ​​seeking the exploration of timbral sonority and fundamentally emotional depth. Our hallmark is the interpretation that elevates the sentimental corners.

We are currently immersed in the creation of an album with works by composers from our country such as Alejandro Román, Fernando Lázaro or Ángel Arteaga, among others. The objective of this project is the dissemination of current or unknown music by Spanish composers.


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